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Welcome to the Support Centre!

Welcome to the Telair Support Centre.

If you would like to lodge a support ticket, please click the "Start a conversation" link above. You can retrieve your tickets at any time by clicking on your user name and then click on "My conversations" in the top menu bar.

If this is your first time lodging a support ticket, a support account will be created for you and you should receive a new password shortly. If you don't receive your password, please call us on 1800 835 247 and we can reset the password for you.

Did you know?

  • You can still email us directly and a ticket will automatically be lodged for you! Just send an email to for Customer Service, for Technical Support, or if you have a service fault.
  • Any time you call in with a support request, we will also lodge a ticket on your behalf so you can track any requests you might have!


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